Friday, 5 December 2008


I had to take T1 to Nişantaşı to her ophthalmologist to check her eye - she had a accident with the pantomime programme at school on Monday - followed by an urgent trip to said Dr. This time we went into the new City's mall for a drink before heading back via the haberdasher's to the Subway (this area is awful to drive and park in - so I tend to park in one of the other malls and take the subway into the city)

These malls usually have a huge tree, this mall is extremely tall - with a car park that makes you feel that you are driving to the center of the earth. Any real tree would be dwarfed, and a artificial one would be more like a stick than a cone. There was a paper-lilly in the centre, quite striking, on each floor there were other 'trees' this one was visually impressive made from carrier bags. The entry has one made in ceramic cones - it was great, but impossible to photograph - the shape of the cones and the reflective surface was too much for my camera to deal with. Once again T1 took the camera and took over 100 shots at 4 year old height - I think I might set up another blog and put them on there - there are a lot of traffic, the back of my head and her shoes.... again.

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