Monday, 8 December 2008

Incoming mail

This cat card was rescued from T1 - cat girl - who decided it was for her. From the 'I loved that ...' trade - taking a loved garment that is past it's sell by date and chopping it up - I have my shirt ready to be chopped...... this came from Leslie in Australia. This Card is from Jeannine in Alaska - A2M 54 - I will have to get all these cards sorted out, when the holiday is over. 3 days down - just another 6 to go.

The weather has suddenly turned here - over the past month we have had autumn followed by spring - and then today winter is here with sharp winds. We braved the park today, and met up with friends - it was cold.
The leaves are still on some of the trees in the garden. It's nearly midwinter - don't these trees realise?

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