Sunday, 21 December 2008

Incoming mail

This is a gem - a mini-quit complete with a full binding from Ildika in KY - on the mantle already. An A2M G54 card

Autumn - above from Sharon in Canada, below is from Barbara A2M G54.

These all arrived Thursday.
Today was a lean textile day - chores, shopping, tidying. Though I did manage to find some Zatar we often have simit - it's obligatory in our household to dip simit into olive oil and with a blob of olive ezme (ground olives with no other additions) in the bottom of the ramekin. We were visiting friend's last week and had this with Zatar instead of the olive ezme - yum - I spied it in a specialist herb and spice supplier here, their own shop blend, will try it out next time I pass one of our favourite simitci's.

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