Thursday, 4 December 2008


I hate shoe shopping - I loathe shoe shopping in Istanbul. But.... I have found the perfect shoe shop - it's in a high-end neighbourhood, and in an odd location. It's part of a chain, but this one is always quiet - perfect - nice assistants who are not pushy - even when you go in on 3 separate occasions to try on the same pair of boots.

The best thing about this shoe shop is the decor, each branch has it's quirks, this one is vintage, shabby and chic - not floral, but nice old stuff. Lovely chandeliers and quirky Turkish things - the cash desk is like the old ticket booths for the Ido (ferry) T1 is responsible for 3 of the 4 pictures. More T1 photos to come. She likes to take pictures of the floor - and her feet - 4 year old's view the world from a different angle - she took some cool pictures earlier in the week.
If the shoes and service were not great - so is the receipt - it's A4 size - and suitable for framing. Totally cool


Vicki W said...

Well that receipt would certaily make your shoe shopping experience seem special! I hate shoe shopping too - because I wear orthotics and all the shoes that I can wear are UGLY!

margaret said...

A good shoe shop is worth its weight in gold!

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