Tuesday, 9 December 2008

BQL Bag Challenge - November bag

The bag snuck in under the wire - it's a great design. The Nancy Crow stripe that I planned to use for the handle is awful to match, I will do it.
Then, replace the solid black handle for the fancy stripe one. I need to do some more quilting on the flap too - it's a bit too flappy....
11 bags down, just one to go to have completed the whole year. I designed one of the bonus patterns, didn't make the 2nd bonus pattern. There is a 3rd bonus pattern, I could end up 15 bags the richer by the end of the year!
There have been some great designs, I have my favourites, my January bags get used so much - nearly each time I go grocery/vegetable shopping, I need to make a couple more. September is my favourite at the moment - perhaps because it's new!

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