Saturday, 20 December 2008


It started raining hard last night - and is still raining..... today the view looked somewhat like this - foggy. These went off to the AITM Landscape group on Thursday - they are the next 4 of a whole bunch of cards in the series (20)
I had to go into town to post some more cards this morning and collect T1 and T2's bikes. They needed 'servicing' they were just beyond my bike repair skills, particularly speed boy, T2 who's bike gets into all sorts of predicaments, it's been 'run over' by a neighbour, stuck in strange places and regularly gets crashed into walls, the chain kept coming off and no matter how much I adjusted it, it wasn't right. T1's just needed an new inner tube. It's a great bike - if you need to buy a first real bike for a little then this is the place to go - expensive - but fabulous quality. It also avoids the whole stabiliser issue. Bikes are home and looking great, clean and ready to go - sadly rain prevented testing them out.

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