Thursday, 11 December 2008


When ever I put a card in the mail I get a little nervous - I don't know why, as the postal system here is fabulous. It's like waiting to hear that a plane has landed or something. I've been stalking Lisa Jo's blog waiting for my baby to arrive in her home, super nervously - there was a lot more work in this than any card - it's there - yeahh! - and she loves it (phew!) I'm not sure the size of each block - but around 3.5 inches, should have measured it before it went, hand applique, hand 'quilted' with saskiko thread, machine pieced. I enjoyed making it once I figured out that my idea of a pink Japanese mosaic with inset seams wasn't right. I still have it in my head, I need to make a test piece for a larger quilt. Another time. Perhaps I should finish off all my larger quilts in progress first - the again I have lots of other things to finish off.
Anyway - it's there in her log cabin - thanks Kate for all her hard work organising the ALQS trade!
Today (Wednesday) was busy with tree erecting and decorating this morning - with 2 slightly over enthusiastic helpers. Baby was napping - when I brought her downstairs she was mesmerised by the lights. We had a birthday party in the afternoon - one of baby's friends - 10 children, but just 4 that were 'birthday' age - the rest siblings. Quite noisy, but good noisy! With delicious home made cake. We're at the halfway point of the holiday - and thanks to the mutual despair of other friends there has been something for us to do nearly everyday this week - perfect. Just a pity the weather is cold as it makes playing out not so nice.


Angelcat said...

Your LQ is stunning, no wonder you were aiting nervously to ake sure it arrived!

black bear cabin said...

it arrived safely and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! :)
although the Japanese quilt sounds pretty, and im sure i would have loved it as well...this one does fit our home rather fabulously! :)
Thank you again for all the other little were too generous.
Happy Birthday to the little one...sounds like everyone had a great time!

Cotton Picker said...

I love this quilt.

Karen said...

Love it!

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