Monday, 15 December 2008

Incoming mail

My 'extremely efficient' temporary card filing system seems to have failed whilst baby was ill and I discovered several cards in the bottom of said shoebox that hadn't been blogged.....

Above from Leah in SC, below from Elizabeth in Australia. This goes nicely with another checked style card I have from her too from an earlier trade.

The black and white check from Chris in the UK - who possibly spent a long time doing the back - which is cool.

The day was spent throwing out debris, tidying up and fettling out a weeks worth of littles at home mess. Next school holidays at the end of January through the beginning of Feb, sadly that one is 2 weeks - and only Turkish schools I think.
I did however make some lemon curd before the school bus arrived with the mess makers. I don't know why I haven't made it before. T2 loves lemons and adores 'lemon jam', sadly he dropped the last jar I acquired from Corona. I've had this recipe for ages, it's the one my mom uses. It's delicious.

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