Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas and Peace to all Men

We kind of celebrated Christmas today. Though only one of the dinner guests is a practicing christian, we see it as a time for gathering family together, and sharing with friends as well. A way to say Thank-you for all that we have been given over the past year. I have family visiting here and we invited a friend - at the table were a total of 6 adults and 5 children. Full English Christmas dinner (Turkey) followed by Christmas pudding with custard (strawberries and ice-cream for the littles) We eventually retired to 'digest' in-front of the TV and watch 'Top-gear' on BBC prime. A great day.

This morning after opening gifts and a slow breakfast we went to the riding stables and T1 took a white horse, whilst T2 opted for a black one, the promised snow did come last night, alas it didn't settle. It was a lovely crisp sunny day, though muddy under foot - I spied this fantastic mistletoe growing in the trees.

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