Tuesday, 23 December 2008


The morning before taking the machine to the repair guy I decided to whip this up.....
This shirt was just too big, but a lovely shade of lilac, with the little ruffle along the bottom and sleeves. So.... I decided to turn it into a skirt for T1.

I chopped it 'in half'' just below the bust dart.

Then sewed up the placket - must pin it next time as it was a bit wobbly. 4 year olds don't notice wobbly sewing - I hope!

I took the sleeve and chopped of a suitable pocket size, I ironed the sleeve seam to the center back, then sewed a line of top stitching to close the wrist opening. I folded the cut edge in and then top stitched it on to the side of the skirt. I used some gross grain ribbon to make a casing for the elastic, enclosing the raw top edge to enclose the edge in the casing. I threaded elastic through the casing from the inside where I'd cut a small slit.

Needless to say T1 was thrilled with her new skirt and wore it straight away....


black bear cabin said...

this skirt is totally adorable! nice work!!!

Christa Irell said...

Aren't you so clever! That is lovely- I have three girls and I know how much they would have loved that when they were little.

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