Friday, 19 December 2008

Incoming and outgoing

Whilst the September Mingle card has yet to hit the PO, it's on it's way out of the house! This is the oldest card I owe - back from September. I used a gel transfer medium for the school mascot and although the image is transferred, I don't like the fogginess - it was a bit of a long-winded method too. On a small scale the stiff texture that the gel leaves isn't a problem, but I wouldn't like to try a bigger piece. Good experiment, making small scale work is a great way to try new ideas and techniques out. Thanks for waiting Janet.

I got this landscape card in the mail today - isn't the lake 'reflection' the perfect fabric - Mt Rainier, from Amy.

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jan said...

Hi there Dawn
You see I couldn't resist coming and peeking at my card. I love it. Especially as you have explained it all to me in the email you sent. It makes it more special. Thank you I shal look forward to receiving it.
lol janet

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