Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Incoming mail

Today has been a day filled with 'nothing' - my Turkish class, a trip to a 'new' butcher, fiddling around with bits and pieces, laundry, chatting to my brother. Once school was out playing with T1 and T2 and their 'treasure box'. The treasure box is a reasonable size box (Ikea Gliss) that has compartments in it filled with crafty things. Variegated wool, coloured paper shapes, things cut from magazines, sticks, feathers - you know the stuff that littles love to make collages from. Usually the treasure box is reserved for one child (while the other twin is out for some reason) or we end up with a lot of glue and not much sticking. They both made more snowmen using the extra circles, pieces from the Christmas party craft table, with some additions from the treasure box.
My 'extremely efficient' temporary card filing system yielded the ginkgo the others arrived Today.

This is from Eva in Tx - the theme being 'I loved that' inviting folks to cull a loved garment and turn it into a card, this once was a vest - which I figure is a waiscoat.....

This Asian card was in my filing system - I can't remember it arriving at all - it's luxurious. I love Gingoko trees (I hunted high and low for my young tree in my garden here) from Sue in Ca.
Below is another Asia card that I did see when it arrived and snuk into the shoebox - this is from Liz in Idaho.

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