Friday, 30 January 2009

BQL Calender Challenge - Jan

I succumbed to the BQL Calender Challenge, I've resisted this new challenge for this year - until now - just tomorrow left to make the 12 inch piece - it's fused and pieced, a quickie if you don't count the quilting.
I have however resolved to use up a pack of KF shot plains I got many moons ago from my most disliked quilt shop, but the only shop that I could find that did this kind of pack. I will need some minor yardage - and am loathed to go to them or by KF anything - but may have to..... I pulled out some Oakshott fabrics for the ground of this quiltlet - which is similar to the ALQS piece - vaguely - it's got 'circles'. The Oakshott is a nicer weave - I may try and find a supplier for that, but let's see if I get it made for tomorrow night's deadline.....

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