Friday, 9 January 2009


It snowed last night - this was our road into town - the road clear but the snow balanced on the trees like some affront at Newtons laws. When we came back some 5 hours later, it was nearly all melted. It was magical - almost too perfect, pity we couldn't stop and enjoy it.
T1 spent the day at the Dr, then getting chest x-rays and abdominal ultrasounds and then the cherry on the cake, being persuaded to have blood pulled. She's not good, but figuring out why is a different kettle of fish - yes a 'heavy cold' but what else - Dr is expecting a rash or something like in the next 48 hours, at least we've ruled out pneumonia and appendicitis for the time being.

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karenfae said...

Beautiful! our snow rarely ever last long either - my daughter in the north though has a lot of it!

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