Saturday, 10 January 2009

Stir Crazy

T2 is now sick - more of the same - T1 is recovering, I am hoping baby doesn't get it.
T1 and I spent time in the 'office' whilst T2 was crashed out in a fever induced snooze and baby was napping. Of course she nabbed the camera, and took this shot. I have a washing line to hang stuff on - house and cat cards at the moment, a super cool calender from my SIL with my name on each page's pictures, photos and other lovely bits. The postcards - I do change them about - every now and then. This system works well - it's low-tech, the flowers are felt and have little pegs attached to their backs. We have a similar system downstairs in the conservatory for the kids drawings/birthday cards. There it's fabulous to hang wet paintings on..... and is considerably larger.

Yep the desk is a mess - but I can find everything and there no one here to nag me about being tidy! Tomorrow will be spent at home - no way they can go anywhere, I just hope they are well enough for school on Monday. Sadly, I got to the end of series 2 of MIT, must ask my entertainment manager to get hold of series 3...... or watch it all again.
Oh yep - I'm also a bit off, Ayhan Sicimoğlu is playing here tonight - I would so like to go.....


karenfae said...

What does T1 T2 stand for in your blog posts? I'm thinking children but I'm not sure, I just started following your blog a week or so ago, if it is children sorry to hear they are sick. That is never a fun time for anyone. I hope you are not without heat like some of eastern Europe because of the situation with the gas and Russia

dawn.u said...

T1 and T2 - Twin one and Twin two, twin-mom shorthand. The gas situation - apparently they are 'prepared' though I'm not sure quite what that means, we still have a normal supply - sadly the prices have increased over the year by something like 70% which makes the bill scarey.

karenfae said...

WOW - and we thought prices were high here for awhile, gas price for cars is back down somewhat now but I have heard that heating oil and gas is still high for a lot of people in the northern states. I am in one of the southern states and we do not have a really harsh winter although it is cold it only last about 2 months. We have electric heat which is not too bad in prices.
Hope the twins get better soon and that the gas situation improves quickly before it does affect you.

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