Sunday, 11 January 2009

More of the same

T1 & T2 are still full to the brim of lurgy - please hope for healing miracles in our house tonight - I need them to go to school tomorrow..... badly.
I got this flier - don't you love photo-shop.
Bad news on the MIT front - there is no 'Season 3' just 5 outstanding episodes, oh no... I will speak to my entertainment manager about this - and set him the task of locating the missing episodes - apparently they've been shown in New Zealand (don't you love the Internet?)
I did start watching series 1 of Jon & Kate + 8 - anyone seen that? - my moms of twins group was discussing it - what's the deal with the paper plates? I haven't seen crockery - or cutlery for that matter at their dinner table.

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