Tuesday, 13 January 2009


I've spent the day doing chores, just bits of stuff that needed doing, but the type of chores that look like you've done nothing all day long - this evening I started stitching the mosaic type piece that I fused with T1. I chopped it down as I stitched it - as it was unwieldy, then I did some dense stitching, I have more to go - I have a lot of 'low-grade' thread, stuff that I wouldn't piece with but is great for decorative use - so I want to use some of that up on these, a couple of spools at least! there should be 24 cards from the panel, it looks a little flat at the moment - I hope it peps it's self up without having to do a lot of hand work - T1 & T2 somewhat better today - thank goodness, but in the spirit of 4 year olds they have been very generously sharing their bugs (or microbes - in Turkish)


Anonymous said...

24 Cards in one piece! A great way to create a linked series with every having its own character.

Are you stitching with another layer of perhaps wadding or a stiffener layer behind this or is it just fabric at this stage?


dawn.u said...

I fused the pieces onto heavy weight visleen/Pellon - it's two or 3 layers thick of good quality cotton, so handles the stitching with the minimum distortion - usually!

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