Saturday, 29 November 2008

Pantomime - Oh no it's not, Oh yes it is

Pantomimes are a particularly peculiar English tradition - this year was the first for T1 and T2 - baby stayed home with the sitter. The twins loved it. It was Cinderella, with a cast of 60 or so - of course maintaining all traditions - the ugly sisters were men, Buttons a bit of a lush, there was a pantomime horse and Prince's servant was a girl. It was complete with a rendition of Prince Charming by Adam and The Ants and an interlude which had 3 ladies giving Bob the Builder a run for his money - quite hilarious - semi slapstick.
Sponsored by Cadburys meant there was free chocolate in the break (and candy for the littles) - the lack of nanny state also meant that candy was thrown out to the audience - we were sitting in the 4th row and it hurts when it hits you on the head!
A lot of their friends went so that was fun to see everyone - and one or two faces that we hadn't seen for a while. The British Community Council put on the performance, in one of the large city centre schools - that has a 700 seat theatre that any small town would be envious of.


Barb said...

Most interesting. Thanks for sharing the link so I could find out more! Sounds like fun!

dawn.u said...

Oh it was such fun - really no need to have kids as an excuse to go.

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