Sunday, 23 November 2008

Incoming mail

So these 3 came on Friday - Karen's Penguin for the Antarctic trade - the snowflake is really thick metal - it reminds me of the French ski school badges we got as kids....

Again from Karen - the Asian Elephant - beautifully done.

Lastly A2M G54 - from Geraldine - last night it dropped to 1.5 degrees - I can dream of sunshine - now I just need to figure out where to put our lemon and orange trees, or to leave them out for the winter with some horticultural fleece on them.
We do get snow here - honest! and the wind that blows some days is bitter - straight from Russia (thank you Russians!)
The front garden is north facing and very exposed - but we did leave a lemon tree out over winter in the past - it survived. Dilemmas..... it would be great if this was all I had to worry about!

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