Saturday, 22 November 2008

ALQS - it's here

I'm thrilled my ALQS quilt is here, it was a secret trade, I didn't know my partner and was having a peep around folks blogs just a couple of nights back - I made a mental note to myself that this was a sweet quilt and should it not be destined for me, to figure out the block - then I started questioning if I asked for a pink quilt after all - I had toyed with a blue one for the office...
I'm chuffed to bits - It'll go on the wall quietly or else T1, pink girl, will try and nab it.
Solidia, very generously send some Amy Butler (and others) charms, and some note cards. The note card she used to write to me reminds me of the tiles you see in British Victorian houses. I some how think they are made of concrete - have to check that one out.

We went to a birthday party today - the weather is beyond awful and the wind is ferocious. Baby is back to her usual carefree, laid back self. We discovered that she likes Tarkan -she was grooving away whilst the twins played musical statues - very cute. A good day - Banana chocolate birthday cake - delicious!

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