Monday, 24 November 2008


Groundwork for the Autumn cards I am late with - I have 'artificial' leaves that I am going to FME onto a blurry, browny background - though I don't actually have the background I imagine - so with the aid of a piece of cream coloured cotton sheeting and 3 bottles of Setacolour the experiment will begin.
First was the solid Sienna - the fabric was slightly damp and a 1 inch brush used.
Then I added the 'Copper Shimmer' this was very similar in tone to the Sienna - and gave a Summer glow to fabric - last was the 'Chocolate Shimmer' this seems a bit harsh in comparison to the other colours, but who knows in the end...
I gave it a good spray with water to blend the edges, then crumpled the fabric to dry - will see what it's like tomorrow. I am aiming for a batikish type of effect with 'puddles' where the low fabric has had more of the paint - who knows - maybe I just get a crumpled piece of fabric that looks just like the picture above!

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