Thursday, 6 November 2008

Incoming mail

Thank goodness I got mail again - a day spent doing 'nothing' a trip to the gym and then my Turkish class. Baby is slightly on the mend, 2 trips to the pediatrician - the first on Tuesday (not our regular pediatrician) there was no strong diagnosis - perhaps a virus, perhaps 6th disease, UTI or something else. Then she broke out in a rash on Wednesday, a call to our regular pediatrician semi confirmed 6th disease, but not the violent puking or the low grade fever. So we trekked into the city today. Yes the rash is 6th disease, but there may be something else too - so she catheterized her for a urine sample - very quick. She objected to being held down rather than the catheter. Anyone who has a baby girl and has tried to get an uncontaminated sample will recognise the hassle, this was fantastic - really the way to go. So we'll wait on labs for her and hope it clears it's self up. She's still puking but not as much - euchh - TMI?? What did folks do before washing machines?

So here's the mail -

Now this is my mystery card, no name, no legible postmark - I think I know who it's from, but I'm not in a V trade.......

Joan from HI sent her Autumn card - I'm not sure if you get Autumn in Hawaii - perhaps the weather just gets a little less perfect - the leaves are trapped under fine net and then FME'd - nice technique. Below is Diana's card for my A2M G54 trade.

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