Friday, 14 November 2008

Incoming mail

I set a 7 part continents trade with Artsnthemail these are Antarctica from Elizabeth - who will join Margaret's penguins - below is Asia 'Dream'from Margaret (of the penguin card) I always worry slightly about the use of symbol letters, there are some great typos on this blog.
Although this is dated Friday I posted it on Saturday - the joys of Blogger's 'Post Options'. Last night I was just too tired to blog. Baby still quite sick - but tests clear - the mysteries of small, non-talking people...


maggi said...

Hope the baby is OK. The letter on the card should be OK, it is copied from a Japanese calligraphy site.

katelnorth said...

perhaps it's not that nice of me to point out that polar bears live in the Arctic, not the Antarctic? :)

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