Thursday, 27 November 2008

Incoming mail

Mmmm - this was sandwiched in between the Internet bill and the phone bill - yummy - it's a 'kitchen sink' type of card, lots of stuff happening. I've never got into stamping, though have a few stamps. I'm crummy with stamps and always get a thick line somewhere because I can't do it right. but these are line free - and smudges of gold on the batik make the card 'live' the bronze strip is a piece of thick paper, there is rickrack too - Thanks Lise - this is a G54 Card Coming from Canada. I spend the day trying to get 'paperwork' done. I just have a little more quilting left on the ALQS quilt. It will get posted to it's new home on Monday - I hope (I never post on a Friday) now for the BQL November bag - Just 2 full days.....

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