Sunday, 16 November 2008


One of the hardest aspects of living in an 'international' community is that folks leave. Last night was the 3rd of 4 parties for good 'English' friends of ours. The theme of this one was 'emptying the drinks cabinet' since you are not supposed to transport alcohol across borders. A list of possible cocktails was drawn up and the karaoke machine put on - I indulged in the former, and didn't scare the cats with the latter.
This is when I discovered my friend's 'Signature' cocktail - Mudslide - delicious and at 20% alcohol it isn't to be messed with! I need a 'signature' cocktail...
I have a headache today..... as I don't usually drink.... it was a good night of adult company - and just what I needed. No sewing today. Yes baby still sick.

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