Monday, 17 November 2008

Fake Flowers

This year we are having a Christmas Tree. Apparently the 'place to go' is Euro flora (in English) This is a place I've been hearing about for the whole time I've lived here. So with 2 amigos and the baby off we went! It's a huge warehouse, with ramps (fantastic for the stroller) there are 3.5 floors of 'stuff', flower stuff, Christmas stuff, decorative stuff, Christmas trees, fake flowers and more stuff.
Anyone who has been to a real wholesale flower market will recognise the similarity between how they are packaged. This was a colour fest. It's given me a couple of ideas too.....

I dithered about the tree, the height and fatness and need to check if I need more 'balls' - I do but how many?? I need to ask Martha. So, I will be going back soon... I didn't buy any flowers, but I did get some leaves.....

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