Friday, 21 November 2008

Incoming mail

These 2 cards use the same charms - quite a coincidence as they both arrived today - the $ card is for the G54 trade from Chris in Al who has a great 'quilting story'. The one below is for the Neocolour trade, it has the same small charm and some beads. The fabric looks like a fancy batik - really the colours are so washed into each other, but strong at the same time. I need to play with those crayons - this came from Sharon in Canada, she already has snow. My friend told me that snow is predicted here next week - it's 10 or so degrees in the daytime here, I hate the thought of the temperature dropping so much over the next few days - I do hate snow.... except for the first couple of hours when it looks perfect. Baby is doing good now - hungry though her trousers are a little loose. Looks like ice-cream is on the menu.

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