Thursday, 5 February 2009

When a warm wind blows

Today we've had a glorious day of warm weather - while the UK is paralysed with snow I was kicking my self for wearing a sweater and jacket earlier. We have Lodos wind bringing warm air from the south and no doubt rain in a couple of days. The heating was off all day - and the windows flung open. We spent time playing outside on bikes and in a local cafe with friends. Just 3 days left until the school holidays finish.

In celebration of the warm weather I finished a scarf for T2, he chose the wool on Monday and after a false start, this is the scarf. I don't get any pleasure from knitting and will do it only for love - and this 4 year old boy deserves his very own scarf as he was 'so sad' that he didn't have a scarf and T1 has 4 (long story) he's happy now as it's 'so soft' ..... easy!

The warm wind arrived and we said goodbye to one of our friends - off to the army - here military service is compulsory - I now know 3 men in the army and hope that they all come home safely.

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