Monday, 9 February 2009

Continents Series

The first 3 cards of the continents series - Antarctica - This was made with lashings of net scrunched and then stitched down with clear mono filiment. I was watching a National Geographic documentary about penguins with T2. They were strapping cameras onto the backs of penguins and letting them swim under the ice - truly beautiful - this is my inspiration for this card.
All of the other continents have a similar format - they have sea and a section of coast-line that I feel is identifiable with the country. The Continent part flips over to reveal fabric from the continent on the reverse. So Australia - the fabric is a kangaroo print on gold.

Africa - this fabric I would like to call 'Dutch Wax Print' though I am not sure if it falls into that category. I got it many moons ago whilst living in New York - I was slightly knocked out by this fabric as the vendor told me the story around the fabric, they are printed in Manchester UK then shipped to Central and Southern Africa. They are glossy and heavily glazed with gold detailing. I have 3 or 4 FQ's in a similar style.

The rest to come

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