Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Continents Series - part 2

So the other 4 cards - these 2 'join', Europe and Asia - For Europe I used Aquascutum Prince of Wales check. For the Asian side - a piece of Hamam cloth - pe┼čtemal. Cotton is grown in the south of Turkey - Bursa is probably where this cloth was made - both on the Asian side. They are used for modesty/drying in the Hamam and although were once only white they are available in all colours now and make fabulous table cloths.... these are unused!
The Inspiration for these cards is of course Istanbul - Turkey straddles both the continents and I always get a kick from the sign 'Welcome to Asia' (I don't think there is a 'Welcome to Europe' sign) the European and Asian side are a lot closer - there are 2 bridges - ONLY, linking the 2 sides, though there is a train link (underwater) that is being built - and ferries that shuttle folks backwards and forwards. But the idea and coastline is right and the bridges are in the right spots just a bit more water than there really is!

North America - this card got treated to some very vintage - American made - Levis denim - the jeans had sadly died - Baja California gets held in place by a slip of vinyl.

South America - this card is made in advance of the sign up - yeah. The reverse of this uses up a piece of Venezuelan fabric I have been carrying around the world for years. Hand woven wool and cotton - the size of a place mat. Transformed.

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