Saturday, 7 February 2009

Incoming mail

These both arrived yesterday - Above from Yoke in Holland for the Europe section of the continents trade, below a calorie free cookie from Connie for the A2M G54 trade.

A good but slightly disturbing day - Saturday afternoons are like WW3 in our household and I try and do something outside to diffuse the situation - alas today there was nothing planned till one of our friends offered to swap her daughter for my son (they are all within 9 months of each other age wise and are already friends) - this was the first time we'd done this and just for 3 hours - T1 played nicely with her daughter and it was disturbingly quiet - you know were you go and check them to make sure they are not dead or doing something TERRIBLY naughty, T2 had a great time at my friends house with her son playing garages...... Fantastic..... this will be done again...... of course all hell let loose once T2 arrived back home.

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