Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday finishing

I have a gazillion things to tidy and finish - facing the fact I didn't have a pair of clean trousers, I got round to fixing the trousers on the mending pile, T1's skirt and a pair of socks (don't normally darn socks but these are T2's special Spiderman socks) and then topped it off by starting to fix a scarf for T1 - that is going to need a lot of work..... I also got round to finishing off the top part of these colour cards.

I started these when the twins were little using the swatches from Keepsake Quilting. Baby will get them - only 2-3 years in the making..... I have to fuse some backing on them and trim and edge them - before she starts to learn her colours...... I'm sure they'll be done..... OK I hope.....
Funny though, the mending pile seems not to have gotten any smaller. Sadly

1 comment:

black bear cabin said...

Dont you just hate mending! But saving the spidey socks was a must! :)

good job! Hope the kids are all doing fabulously!

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