Monday, 1 June 2009

BQL Calender Challenge - May

I did start this in May - though got the call to go to the hospital and it didn't get finished, I'd already put the III in - using scrap wadding and cutting away the excess. I'd only ever done trapunto the old way - with wool and teasing open the fabric - this was easy and fast, though a little scary trimming so close to the stitching/top fabric. The challenge called for quilting akin to McTavishing - aka - death by quilting. Some of the curls are a bit fat, and I need to add a line of stitching to make them skinny - there is a lot of quilting here, thanks to T1 making a hundred cat pictures and baby napping I got it done over lunch time. Maybe this month I'll start early - haha! how many times have I said that.... T1 recovering....

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