Sunday, 21 June 2009

Broken Needle

When ever I break a machine needle, the first thing I do is check that I have all the bits, I get out a new needle and put it side by side with the broken pieces. Grrr - when this one broke this afternoon, off went a chunk, 1/4 of an inch - 7mm of metal is somewhere in the bobbin area - since it's not on the table, floor or in the sewing..... now I must muster super-woman like strength to open up the screw that was tightened (by a man) way too tight, to access the underside of the bobbin casing ..... Grrr.... I just hope I can find the missing bit - I've had the machine running - slowly - it seems fine, but I'm too nervous to use it with the missing chunk lurking near the beautiful Swiss engineering......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Breaking needles like that is frustrating at the best of times but when you can't find all the bits, even more so!

Last time I broke a needle like that, I had a lovely piece of black thread passing right through my little finger and the eye piece dangling below! It gives a whole new meaning to cutting your threads after finishing your stitching!


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