Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Fun day

I'm going to print this picture T1 kindly took of the swimming pool - and use it for the plus size inchies trade (OK that's the plan, please no body take real notice of it) we had a 'interesting' day. Including a visit from a mouse. The Turkish word for all 4 legged rodents is 'Fare' which means mouse, but is used interchangeably with rat - I am sure there is a word for rat, but mouse sounds so much cuter. It was a tiny field mouse - we're very close to fields so it makes sense - they run fast... very fast.... 1 little took refuge on the counter, 1 ran excitedly about - I took off all the kick boards from the kitchen cabinets - and vacuumed Mickey up in the end - it was still living and went into the garden where it belongs. Great fun for the kids, the underneath of the cupboards got vacuumed, kick boards co-operated and went back on quickly (for a change) and then we withdrew to swim - we needed it... fortunately No3 was napping - lets hope tomorrow is uneventful, but it did provide light relief in between the bicker-fest.....

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