Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Shadow box table - Nazar boncuğu

This section has soft, rounded stones that I've picked up at various beaches, and lots of Nazar Boncu - these are to keep away bad luck and are extensively used, pinned onto children, hung on walls, set in cement - if anyone would wish you bad luck then these amulets protect you - easy. When I was pregnant with T1 and T2 I got a bracelet with 4 eyes, which now protects me and the 3 littles - neat eh?
I've often been out and it's been discovered that one or all of the littles are not wearing them (they rarely do - I'm more worried about them eating the safety pin used to attach them) Nazar boncukları have been procured and attached, Turks are very superstitious in this way. The one in my car went missing somehow - I suspect it got vacuumed up - I guess the vacuum now has super protection (note to self, get evil eye protection for the car)


Berceste said...

I believe it too :) My little one has one of them with pink ladybug :)

Bye the way, it should be ''Nazar boncuğu'' and ''Nazar boncukları''(as plural)

Good luck for everyone who has Nazar boncuğu ;-)

dawn.u said...

that naughty ğ, out to confuse us.....
thanks for the correction -

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