Tuesday, 9 June 2009

MM Fondant

You want to do something that's fun - make fondant icing..... I would have preferred to buy it. I went to our local cake shop (who use it a lot) and asked if they would sell me some, the owner went into a lengthy speech about how difficult it is to make, and how she imports it from Holland.... but simply refused to sell me any - sending me to the end of the earth to look for some - but couldn't tell me where. She then suggested that she make me the cake.... and charge me several arms and legs for it..... back to the drawing board, or Internet!
I discovered marshmallow fondant... I'm sure I could get glycerin and can get gelatin -to use the traditional recipe - it seemed so unpredictable.... but this route seemed reliable - alas more expensive - 20YTL (US$13) for a 300g/12oz package of marshmallows!

You all got back on your seats now??
Then again how much does ready made fondant cost??

The fondant is beautiful - silky soft and dazzling white, smells yummy too - and tastes good, but what a performance to make it - only try this if you have another adult handy.... I think the littles were bemused to see me clarted up (sp) with icing sugar and glop.... 30 mins later I had over 3lb of fondant, enough for the 2 cakes I will make for their school birthdays (like the queen they will have an official and a real birthday this year - since their birthday is after school finishes) so the next step is to bake the cake, tomorrow, and get T1 to come up with a consistent request - T2's rocket is easy..... T1 has passed through the solar system (yes!) on to Minnie Mouse - not sure which is worse. Need the cakes on Thursday. She needs to decide (secretly hoping for Hello Kitty!)
No photos of the process, really it was too difficult to corral the kids and icing sugar, and clean my hands but I would thoroughly recommend making it (especially if you can pay regular prices for marshmallows!) and it leaves your hands beautifully soft..... then again hand cream is easier!

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www.welovequilting.com said...

Geez why do marshmallows cost so much where you are? They are nothing here in the US.
I love your blog. The pictures are awesome.

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