Sunday, 31 May 2009

Last of the Grand Bazaar

The last pictures inside the bazaar - today should have been a peaceful day of sewing and pottering about - but instead T1 got quite sick, but on the back of the stress of dealing with littles and an over night stay in hospital for T1 - the first night my twins have ever been separated, I got a lovely photo/gift surprise - which lifted my spirits considerably...
This is Abdulla - a towel/soap seller, I adore the light fitting - though this is not a good picture. One of those things to love in someone else's place, couldn't deal with it at home. It was made from old fashioned lamps (where the filament is very obvious) and just lamp holders hung from the cable make sense??

I had to take No3 out of one of the shops whilst my friend was deciding, or else she would have fiddled with one too many fragile item..... so we wandered in the 'street' outside, and watched the comings and goings of a bird - it's nest being in the bottom of the lamp - I love the way the paint is crumbling here.

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