Sunday, 17 May 2009

Lazy day?

Thank goodness for Skype - today was busy doing 'nothing', calling friends, waiting for calls back(still!), catching up on email (or not!) tidying up the stray bits that get scattered during the week - I got all the quilting finished on the I spy quilts, just the last few threads to bury and then to bind them both, the binding is ready... waiting... it will get done. Then I discovered we had NO BUTTER in the house, it was 9.1o, I was poised for cake baking - the local supermarket closed at 9pm, I need to make a cake for 10am tomorrow..... the supermarket opens at 9am..... so it's either find a coconut cake made with sunflower oil (I detest margarine - won't have it in the house!) or make a mad dash at 9 for butter .... unless I get distracted by something else... 3 days of 29 degrees, the heating is off, the jeans and long sleeves have been put away - it makes me SO happy...

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