Monday, 18 May 2009


I solved the butter dilemma, I called my neighbour at 7.45am and she brought a 250g block to the street when we put our kids on the school bus - perfect. It was suitably soft too. The cake was made in double quick time, I hadn't read the exact instructions, just scanned the ingredients. It needed 1 1/4 hours of cooking, but took longer, it was warm when our first guests arrived, and so cracked when I cut it - but it was delicious warm.... we sat outside, the littles played, wandered in and out - a good morning.

I put most of the binding on T2's quilt, I need to trim it (it's got a 1 inch wide double french binding so I trim it once it's attached - I find it's more accurate) T1 has yet to decide which additional colour she wants on the binding, she keeps saying orange, but I KNOW she is a pink girl and am waiting for her to change her mind, because - I know she will.... I had 2 littles 'helping' me by holding the binding.... is it finished yet? will mine be finished first? I want mine first? you know the questions, or can guess them..... nearly 5 year olds are not the best sewing companions, unless they are asleep.....

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