Monday, 11 May 2009

Basting in the sun

I put this out on the front to baste it - I had 3 half used cans of 505, my favourite spray baste but after doing both twin's quilts there wasn't enough left, so it was regular pins, then I lifted it up, I'll put safety pins in it now - I may end up basting it by hand to release some of the pins. Going anywhere near it is like a DIY course of acupuncture, and I need the pins!
How to quilt it? - plus there is a massive pleat in it that needs some attention - I'm thinking of unpicking a couple of seams then slip stitching it down - this isn't going to the festival of quilts after all...... and toying with the idea of some sashiko style stitching - machine quilting it will highlight the way it will not lay flat....

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