Thursday, 21 May 2009

Flying kites on the beach

Wednesday was a school holiday, again - it was blustery and grey, so we got the kites and went to the beach - the littles spent nearly an hour 'being flown' the wind was strong. The best part we had the whole place to our selves - perfect. Once they'd had enough kite flying we went down to the beach - T2 ventured into the sea, T1 didn't take her coat off (she had shorts on - go figure) It was very good diversion which tired them out. The wind made the sea choppy and the air smell of the sea. The only downside, it was the first time I'd worn proper 'shoes' since the toe affair and being released from the tape a couple of weeks back. I need to go back to Dr Eftel, I'm not a happy bunny today... it hurts... thank goodness they were in school today.

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