Sunday, 3 May 2009


Who? Hissing Sid... T1 and T2 are into puppets at the moment - I plan on making some at home - OK I'll make some blanks and let them draw their own puppets, but they are totally into this snake from school (the blue one) I borrowed it for the weekend after spotting some perfect 'snake' fabric. It worked out well, even though the fabric is silk - was a devil to sew (french seams and a proper rolled hem) which meant that our new snakes are smaller than the school one. This is when I wish I had a serger, but then again I think how much would I use it? not much, until I then need one again and think I should start looking for a second hand one...... then again having seen the new Bernina, maybe I should start saving my pennies, and maybe when I'm 1,601 years old - I can treat myself! (back of the envelope maths.... a UK penny a day and no price increases or interest) ... maybe I would still want a serger then too .... I love my 9 year old Bernina 150QE, but sometimes I just get Nina Envy.
I read Ami Simms' blog - she had a link to this museum - MOBA - the best EVER reason to visit Boston again.

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black bear cabin said...

love the snakes! silk is a real bear to work dealing with that in the memory quilt im making...some folks sent in family photos printed on silk.....ugh!
but, i digress....i love the snakes :)

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