Saturday, 23 May 2009

Acanthus Mollis

I love Acanthus Mollis - really it's a giving plant, beautiful huge fleshy leaves, the dramatic spines of white and purple, and the stunning spikes fading in the winter. They are coming up a storm, these were all from one root cutting, a piece about 15cm long, 4 years ago - I have several clumps now. They didn't do well in my Glasgow garden, they love it here. I wonder how the ones I left behind are.....

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M said...

The ones you left behind are gone gone gone. My experience with leaving plants behind is; it is not what the new resident thinks they want and out it goes - out out out - and I could shoot myself for leaving it behind. Perhaps your old neighbors ran over to the old place and saved some before the new moving truck truck arrived. Your present picture is lovely !

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