Friday, 8 May 2009

I Spy - WIP

T1's quilt top is finished, due to a lack friends to chat to tonight - everyone is either in bed or out.... so the top got finished. I have a massive quilt I started as a 'naive' postage stamp quilt, but got bored with the slow speed and other things, so added some big squares, pieced the back and decided it really didn't work, it's partially quilted with small spirals of hand quilting and shirt buttons - I've not worked on it for years .... anyway my next task is to cull the monster and harvest the batting to use for t1's and t2's quilts (it is huge, perhaps 3m square) I have to find it first... guess it's something to do on Sunday...

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black bear cabin said...

almost done, and then you can move on to something new :) (i know you are tired of working on the I-spys)
the kids will have hours of fun with it, guarenteed...and it will keep them warm!
Happy Mother's Day this weekend from the states! :)

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