Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Even more or less Halloween - Count Dracula

In our quest last week for Halloween costumes T2 went through a phase of wanting to be Count Dracula. We had the cape (from his Zorro phase, dress shirt and trousers) Not possessing a suitable sash I made one, I made the fringe then added the large silvery button. I had fun making the rosettes. T2 came to check my handy work and pronounced he would not be going as the afore mentioned Count..... but.... as an astronaut. Grrrr.....

He then went through a snake related phase before settling on a Doctor. We didn't snag him any tongue depressors but he did manage to loose his stethoscope.... The rosettes were fun to make.
The red/white/green one and fringe are in the tutorial to follow. The tartan ribbon one was super simple, the large green one was a long length of wired ribbon from a box of something I had salvaged, sewn onto felt, the center being a flattened San Pelegrano bottle top..... The square-ish one simply card covered in scraps of paper and an old uniform button. All waiting for a suitable occasion to be used now.....

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