Friday, 20 November 2009

24 November - Teachers' day - part 2

These were T1's cards, 3 to her English teachers, and one to her home room teacher, all made a similar way - a petal and then another flower cut to make the skirt - very clever..... lots of writing - She is into letters at the moment big time.....

Miss M - another English teacher - 'Happy teachers' day, my special dostum! I like you because you have long, long, long, long hair'

Miss Happy - the regular English teacher - ' Happy teachers' day, I like you because one day you painted my face and it tickled'

Miss I - home room teacher - 'Happy teachers' day, I like you because you always smile in the morning when you see me, you sing nice songs and help me. You give me nice hugs too'

Miss R - T1's English teacher whilst Miss Happy has been sick. 'Happy teachers' day, I love your class and you have very nice brown hair'
I broke out the gel pens, whilst they are a little messy - the effects are great! a lot better than felt-tips...... that's all for this year..... * dostum means friend/pal

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