Thursday, 19 November 2009

24 November - Teachers' day

As Ataturk said 'New generation will be created by teachers'. Since next week is bayram, then our school has brought the day forward to tomorrow. Cookies were suggested, being short of cookie making time this evening we opted for chocolates, and home made cards. I asked the littles what they liked best about their teachers, and which teachers they liked best, they had no choice with their home-room teacher or English teacher, T2 chose the classroom assistant - T1's tomorrow.

Miss Happy (yes it's her real name!) - 'Happy Birthday (he says it was yesterday?) and happy teachers' day - I love to play with you'

For the classroom assistant - Miss S 'Happy teachers day because you are nice'

For Miss C - the home room teacher, 'Happy teachers' day because I like it when you tell stories'

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