Monday, 16 November 2009

Follow me blindly - day 5

'take your fabulously embellished piece and trim off the excess backing fabric, for those who haven't done this already. now - fuse or glue a final back fabric - to cover up all those embellished threads... then stitch all the way around your piece, to bind will now "sculpt" your piece into a vessel of some sort - a fiber art vase. ;) think out of the BOX!! be creative! roll, wrap over, fold, tuck, pucker... even cut if you want... and sew it into place. the most unusual shapes will lend themselves to a unique form/structure. ;) if you want to add any final embellishments to your sculpture, you can do this once it's complete.'

So today was the last day of the challenge, I was 12 hours late on completing this one I guess, I wracked my brain about turning it into a vessel, I don't need any 'clutter' I am on a slight purge to get the house straight - and the idea of something that catches dust turns me straight off. I do need a folder type thing to keep projects in, but the surface wouldn't stand up to that, I also need a 'change dump' to empty my pockets and keep all the debris in one place, I made simple folds and stitched them down, the felt base has given it a certain substance, the slightly circular shape holds with the design. I may go round and zig-zag a piece of wire into the top edge. I may not. I will probably work on it some more and turn it into something else, It's got a nice motion happening, just not enough of something.....

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Stephanie (A Ditchin' Time Quilts) said...

Dawn, this is different, but I like it. Very cool. You did several things I have never done before. I have never painted on fabric, never cut one up and put it together differently. Cool concept. I want to learn to be more artistic with my quilts. Good job...Steph

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