Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween...... part 1

It's going to be a slow week.... this is my hair from the Halloween party..... and a peek of the 'lovely' dress. We had planned to go en-mass with snake related costumes, which fell apart slightly in the last couple of days. More of that to come. I was the lone Mesusa, 15 little snakes woven into my hair, slightly over the top make-up and this fabulous full length dress - loaned from a dear friend who has a collection of what can best described as 'Florida Cocktail Wear' - 60's and 70's stuff - made for ladies who went to parties, rather than partied. Great stuff...... Whilst I would have loved to have fit into the tiny weeny sequined black and white tiger skin slinky number, this floaty green chiffon number was chosen over the acid yellow halterneck full length dress.... both significantly fancy by anyone's standards, and very comfy to wear.....

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Vicki W said...

I would die a thousand deaths before I would put plastic snakes in my hair!

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